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Color Palette Challenge

Harrison March - #62

When you’re fighting for it all your life

You’ve been working every day and night

That’s how a superhero learns to fly

- Superheroes by The Script


catfights and melodrama

Ryugazaki Rei(CV. Hirakawa Daisuke), Hazuki Nagisa(CV. Yonaga Tsubasa), Matsuoka Rin(CV. Miyano Mamoru) Kiss me!


Nagisa kun, can you translate "kiss me" into Japanese?
isn't it just "boku ni kisu shite"?
that's  what i thought.
I overheard Makoto senpai saying "kiss me" just now.
huh?! who did mako chan say "kiss me" to?
both of you, your pronunciation is horrible! it's "kiss me."
Next episode, "The Locomotive of a Twist!"
Kiss me. (x11)
Perfect Body.
Perfect Body.

decided to doodle Hori-senpai COS WHY NOT

wow look I drew a fanart much praise


gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun is a treasure,

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Free! :: Makoto Tachibana


Profile translations from /a/



R a v e n c l a w  E l s a

re-reblogging for the Q U A L I T Y



Heyyyyyy guys! So I finally.. set up my shop so I’m running a small give away! Everyone likes free stuff right? :)

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Managed to scribble sth in my busy weekend

Congrats desu u////u