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Mikoshiba Momotarou  F R E E ! ep. 04 

Rin's had enough

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AND SO I DID A BEFORE/AFTER THINGY cos remi and aoki doing it and I do everything they do

Left one is….2007 as it suggested…… Enoch is my very first OC he basically looks like a milder xanny yeah guess who loves red heard——/MING

speed painting for the 2014 version… took about….15min? yeah it was kinda fun HAHAHA

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Had the sudden urge to doodle gb Ruzai who looks so generic light novel chara ide… so decide to paro LOL. The text says "The Crying Girl Next Door is [actually] a Russian spy?"

One day a mysterious red-haired girl moves in next door. She seems rather incompetent at most things and easily dissolves into tears. Yet, there’s something odd about her… for one, who in their right mind keeps a cadaver in their freezer?!  There’s also the fact she seems to be aware of what you’ve been doing day by day… and just what is this Project Pandaemon anyway?!

…Does that sound generic enough— /laughs random out of place fanservice would be.. uhh… MC getting faceful of.. thigh…..s I guess LOL.

I feel like it’s gonna be one of those horror light novel that I don’t dare to read

The Samezuka team.

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Can we talk about how Makoto is like a momma monkey?


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Suzumura Kenichi Nitori Senpai ♥

Nitori is senpai now ♡

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So someone swapped in the Attack on Titan theme on the opening for Sailor Moon Crystal and this was the result.

Holy shit

do most anime openings got like a pacing system going on? cuz when I was in the 10th grade I tried swapping the 2nd Naruto opening with the OP music from at least 6 different animes and every single one of them worked flawlessly

they actually do, they’re very formulaic.

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Have some Hiccup lines.

Hiccup Pick-up Lines

piccup lines

piccup lines